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Host a Seminar
Sowing and Reaping: An introduction to investing, planning for your future, and building the kingdom of God.
In this seminar you will:
  • Explore the basic terminology of the investing world
  • Learn a Six-step investment plan
  • Balance planning for the future with building God’s kingdom
  • Establish short- and long-term investing goals
  • Explore basic offensive and defensive investing strategies
This seminar is appropriate for:
  • Those interested in learning basic investing and estate planning tools.
  • Anyone wishing to learn sound biblical money management and establish a biblically based investing plan.
  • People wanting to explore the challenge of storing up treasures on earth vs. treasures in heaven.
  • People who would like to find practical ways to give more to the work of building God’s kingdom.
  • Anyone looking to develop biblical values for managing finances.
What should I bring?
It is helpful to bring the following items (this information is strictly for personal use and will not be shared with anyone):
  • Calculator
  • Budget
  • Investment statements
Legacy of Love: Building God’s Kingdom through Wise Estate Planning and Charitable Giving