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One-on-one Financial Coaching
Proverbs teaches, “For lack of guidance, a nation falls, but many advisers make victory sure” (11:14).
Committing to get out of debt, setting up a money management system, and organizing your personal finances can be daunting, especially if you feel you’re doing it alone.
The Abundant Living ministry is dedicated to providing the one-on-one assistance people often need to find success in managing their personal finances. The Abundant Living ministry offers a coach training program and coaching ministry tools so that your organization can build its own volunteer financial coaching team. We are committed to ensuring this vital component of the process is available to help people find financial freedom.
The Abundant Living Financial Coach Training Kit includes:
  • A two-hour, DVD-based, coach training program which you can use to train as many coaches as necessary for your church or ministry (self-paced training – no Facilitator needed).
  • Training manual
  • A CD-ROM containing all the instructions and forms necessary to launch the coaching ministry at your church.
For more information on launching an Abundant Living financial coaching ministry at your church, please call us today at 913-710-5012.