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Small Group Bible Study Series
Abundant Living offers a small group Bible study on money management called Hidden Treasures: The Secrets to Abundant Living.
With Hidden Treasures, the first in a series of small group Bible studies provided by Abundant Living, your Sunday School class, house church, or cell group will explore implementing The Five Biblical Principles for Financial Success by looking through the lens of the central theme in the Bible: love. In this case, we want to find the secrets to learning how to do the loving thing with your money.
    “God is love.”
    “The greatest of these is love.”
    “Love your neighbor.”
    “They will know you are Christians by your love.”
This six-week study is a perfect follow-up tool for those who finished the Abundant Living seminars. However, if someone has not been through the seminars, Hidden Treasures will still be an effective way to dig deeper into how the Bible teaches us to use our resources to love God, self, family, and others. Click here to see an excerpt from Hidden Treasures.