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How Abundant Living compares: 
While most stewardship training programs take 10-to-13 weeks to complete, Abundant Living is designed to be a series of simple, half-day seminars that can be completed as quickly as in one weekend, or in a variety of other user-friendly formats. Because people are so busy, it can be difficult to find time for a multi-week program in addition to a home group. Also, people learn differently, so having an alternative way to study stewardship can broaden your church’s ability to reach people with this important training. Abundant Living still clearly teaches the core stewardship message through each of its seminars: God owns it. We are his managers, and the program is firmly grounded in Scripture.
Abundant Living also differs from other programs in that it is modular, not sequential. A church could offer one seminar, the entire series, or any combination of the four. This modular approach provides more flexibility for entry and exit points of the program. Attrition or completion are the only common exit points to other programs. Our approach gives the church a number of options regarding what format to use in offering the workshops.
To our knowledge, Abundant Living is the only personal financial training program which has been fully integrated into a capital stewardship campaign ministry program. Click here for more information about our ministry partners who help churches raise funds for building projects.
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