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Thanks for your interest in the Abundant Living ministry.
Abundant Living is a personal finance training ministry designed to help God’s people follow biblical principles for money management.
Through our powerful, user-friendly, and interactive half-day seminars, small group Bible study tools, and personal one-on-one financial coaching ministry, we are training people all around the country with our grace-based approach to managing money God’s way.
To help you get acquainted with our grace-based personal finance training ministry, please click on the helpful links below.
We invite you to enjoy the founder's biography along with the history of Abundant Living and the following testimonies.

Abundant Living Promotional DVDs Paul Aldrich is a Christian comedian and spokesman for Abundant Living Ministries. In the following four videos, he entertains and shares information about the Abundant Living personal finance ministry.

Abundant Living Pastor's Promo
Practical and important informaiton to help with managing your finances.

Debt Monster
User-friendly, grace based approach to helping you learn bibilical strategies for personal finance.

Money Management 101
Practical and important informaiton to help with managing your finances.

Super Lotto
Paul Aldrich speaks (and sings) about the messages we receive from our culture to focus on materialism and how getting rich quick schemes are a tremendous challenge to living the life of a fully devoted follower of Jesus.

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The 'Abundant Living' link is a PDF that generally promotes the personal finance ministry. The 'Hidden Treasures' link specifically promotes the small-group book.

More e-mail-friendly PDFs may be available soon!

Abundant Living
Hidden Treasures