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History of Abundant Living
In the spring of 2004, Matt Schoenfeld, founder of Heartland Financial Concepts, a Kansas City-based personal finance training ministry, contacted Stewardship Ministries at Nazarene International Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. In the first meeting with Dr. Steve Weber, the director of Stewardship Ministries, Dr. Weber indicated that the Church of the Nazarene was actually in the process of trying to identify a new personal finance training tool for stewardship.  
After introducing Matt’s material to other Nazarene stewardship leaders, a formal ministry partnership  formed and the Abundant Living Stewardship Ministry blossomed. As the preferred stewardship training tool for the entire denomination, Stewardship Ministries is working to promote the use of Abundant Living to the 5,000 Nazarene churches across the United States.
Abundant Living has worked with more than 100 churches from numerous denominations. We are also able to certify coaches and seminars facilitators so that others can take advantage of our unique approach to personal finance training and begin Abundant Living ministries in their church or district.

We have also translated the seminar materials into Spanish and have worked with several Hispanic ministries. We also continue to work with those in compassionate ministry settings such as prisons, single moms, and urban ministries.
The Abundant Living ministry is dedicated to ministering hope, wisdom, and assistance to those who are willing to work to improve their financial situation and who will commit to follow God’s principles for money management. All around the country, we are beginning to see God using Abundant Living to lead people into financial freedom.
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